From the 1993/94 Orient Lines Marco Polo brochure...


General information

Just where and when we make landings in Antarctica is subject to weather, ice and wildlife conditions. The determinations will be made on board ship by the Captain in consultation with the ice master and expedition leader. Naturally, we hope to be able to visit as many places listed on the itinerary as possible.

On all Antarctica cruises we will carry only half the ship's normal passenger capacity. To avoid disturbing the wildlife, only 100 passengers will be set ashore at any one time. Landings in Antarctica and on many of the surrounding islands will be made via Zodiac landing craft; sturdy, inflatable rubber boats designed specifically for expedition use. These are uniquely stored inside the ship to ensure their proper maintenance.

Even if weather causes the itinerary to vary, the quality of your experience will not. Everywhere along the coast, Antarctica offers fantastic scenery and an abundance of wildlife. And our guest lecturers will make you feel like an expert in your own right!

As a member of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO), we, and all of our passengers, are expected to abide by an established code of conduct designed to minimize tourist impact on Antarctica. Visitor guidelines will be sent to you prior to departure, and will be fully explained on board ship. We are confident that once you join the ranks of the few to have visited this last, unspoiled region of the globe, you will become an ardent ambassador for its preservation.

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