Kristin Schultz 12.18.16

Today’s gospel lesson starts at the 18th verse of chapter 1 of Matthew’s gospel.
Does anyone know what’s in the first 17 verses of Matthew?
It’s a text rarely read in church.

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Pastor Kristin Schultz, November 13, 2016: Twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost

It has been a difficult week.
After months of deep division, news casts filled with hate and bitterness,
            we have elected our next president.
Now streets are filled with protestors, and the news is filled with fear.
I’m sure that, had the election gone the other way, the streets would still be filled with protestors, and different people would be afraid.
Perhaps, after such a divisive, bitter campaign, there could be no truly good outcome to this election.

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09.18.16 Pr. Kristin Schultz

The parable Jesus told his disciples in this morning’s gospel lesson
has been mystifying readers for centuries.
Is Jesus really lifting up a dishonest steward as an example for his followers?
And how do the words of Jesus following the story relate to the story itself?
A friend of mine said this parable is like when you get a knot in your shoelace
and it’s pulled really tight. 
Getting it loose is very tedious and it takes lots of patience.

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Pastor Kristin Schultz, September 11, 2011

Our Gospel story today begins where many stories begin –
            with the scribes and Pharisees – the good religious folks of Jesus’ time – grumbling.
They know there is something special about Jesus –
            something important going on here.
But they just can’t figure him out!

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Pastor Kristin Schultz, August 28, 2016: The 15th Sunday after Pentecost

The first lesson this morning is from the book of Proverbs
It’s not a book we read very often in church, and today’s brief and obscure lesson
            doesn’t exactly encourage us to come running for more.
It is chosen to go with the gospel lesson, as Jesus could easily be referring to this proverb when he gives his advice about where to sit at a dinner party.

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Pastor Kristin Schultz, August 14, 2016: Feast of St Mary the Virgin

A few weeks ago, I got in the car and the radio came on in the middle of an interview with Sister Simone Campbell, a Sister of Social Service, as well as a lawyer, poet,
            and executive director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice.
Sister Simone leads a group called Nuns on the Bus.

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Pr. Kristin Schultz - The Seventh Sunday After Pentecost - July 3

In the gospel story today Jesus sends 70 of his followers on a mission.
It sounds like Mission Impossible.
            Go as lambs among wolves – the radical message of Jesus is not always welcome
            Carry no purse, bag or sandals
            Remain in one house, eat what is set before you, and cure the sick
Who would take such a mission?

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Pr. Kristin - The Sixth Sunday After Pentecost - June 26 6/23/2016 0 Comments 00:0000:00 Pr. Kristin Schultz 0 Comments Fr. Joe Britton - The Fifth Sunday After Pentecost - June 19 6/20/2016 0 Comments 00:0000:00 The Rev. Joe Britton 0 Comments Pr.Kristin Schultz-The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost-June 12

The Gospel story and the psalm this morning dwell on the same theme –
Specifically, God’s forgiveness of our sins – and our need for God’s forgiveness. Read More…

Pr. Kristin - The Second Sunday After Pentecost - May 29

Grace to you and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
This is the greeting Paul uses to begin his letter to the Galatians,
which we begin to read this morning, and continue reading over the next five weeks.
As we read these opening paragraphs – and, further into the letter, Paul’s words about law and freedom, circumcision and uncircumcision, Jews and gentiles – we might wonder what is going on for Paul and those long-ago followers of Jesus. Read More…

Pr. Kristin Schultz - Second Sunday of Easter - April 3

In the church year, today is the second Sunday of Easter.
We have just celebrated the greatest festival of the church year.
The day we remember God’s triumph over death and sin.
The day we celebrate our own entry into eternal life and salvation
            through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Palm Sunday Sermon - Pr. Kristin Schultz - March 20

What just happened?
How did we get from “sing Hosanna to the King of Kings” to “crucify him” so quickly?
That is the question Palm Sunday lays out in front of us,
when we celebrate the procession of palms,
then minutes later read the story of Jesus’ arrest and execution. Read More…

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