Our struggle with death

By Lee Liming | October 19, 2019

I’ve been reading a lot about death lately. More specifically, the psychology of death: how we think about death and how thinking about death affectsRead More

What I do (Season 20, Episode 8)

By Lee Liming | August 30, 2019

My wife, Kristin, jokes that whenever someone asks me what I do, her ears perk up, because she likes to hear the latest story. ItRead More

No instruction manual?

By Lee Liming | March 14, 2019

It’s often said that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. It might, however, come with a few indicators, like lights on a dashboard. TheRead More

Starbucks Blonde Espresso

Blonde isn’t always beautiful

By Lee Liming | January 9, 2018

Today, I received a lovely email message from Starbucks telling me that they’ve added a new kind of espresso: blonde espresso.  “Smooth without the roastyRead More

Lee's latest coffee setup

Coffee Zen

By Lee | September 21, 2017

I’ve recently been simplifying my coffee equipment at home, aiming for low-maintenance, inexpensive equipment without sacrificing the great coffee. Here’s my latest. 1 – Cuisinart electricRead More

On confederate monuments

By Lee Liming | August 18, 2017

A few thoughts in the wake of violent demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA… (1) A public monument isn’t a record of history, it’s a statement ofRead More