A Tourist Expedition to Antarctica

Antarctic-related Internet information resources

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I decided early on in my travel planning to see how much I could learn about Antarctica using Internet tools. This lists gives hyperlinks to some of the more interesting things I found, and searches very much like those I used.

To compile this list, I used the Archie search system to search for information available on anonymous FTP sites, and then retrieved everything I found. I also used the Veronica search system to search for information on Gopher servers and added them to this list as links. I also used a number of World Wide Web searching services, including the JumpStation, W3Catalog, Yahoo, and Lycos.

Most importantly, I've received plenty of tips about other Antarctic-related Internet information services from other people who have either worked in Antarctica or who are interested in Antarctica.

Last updated: April 12, 1996

Major Antarctic information sites

International Antarctic program offices

Research Organizations

First-hand reports and memoranda

Research reports

News articles


  • An Infrared weather map of Antarctica, updated every three hours, from Michigan State's weather map service. Original images come from the University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center.
  • Toby Everett's maps of Antarctica (from NSF)
  • A PostScript elevation map of Antarctica (not quite sure of the source on this one)
  • Satellite images of Antarctica from the Galileo, taken on December 8, 1990
  • Images of Christchurch, from a WWW exhibit on New Zealand by Michael Witbrock of Carnegie Mellon University.

General information


  • Output from an archie search I did on 08/01/93
  • Output from an archie search I did on 01/21/94
  • A Veronica search for Internet information resources about Antarctica.

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